Ximena Mora

Sociedad Inversiones Muequeta

Colombian company dedicated to the construction, renovation, and design of Real Estate.
The website was designed with the need to attract new clients and present the company’s services to them.
This website required a design that adapted and synthesized the large amount of information that the client needed to show.
The site was redesigned with a clean and simple graphic line where people could easily find the information they were looking for.

Qreatica – Quantica

Qreatica is colombian advertising company dedicated to visual communication, graphic production and highly qualified to meet all the needs of its customers.



“Existencia Transcurrida” is a personal project that shows the passing of life through the hands, through photography and poetry.



Ataraxia is a book of landscape photography that sensitizes people to what surrounds them.
The eagerness of the world has stolen the beauty of the created.


Punto Final

Punto Final is a poetry and illustration book that speaks to people who once thought of putting an end to their lives.